Saturday, December 8, 2012


My Rock n Roll refugee days were set off by the high lords of rock themselves.
Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Metallica and later Floyd, Maiden and Nirvana
Guns and Roses had always been special.
Hollywood Roses and Chicago Guns amalgamated to be the "next rolling stones" and influenced our heavy fuel days.
Axl W Rose and Slash arguably one of the best guys who got jammin together, like Steve Tyler and Joe Perry. But then u cant have two tigers in the same show can u?

Lot of Bands have come and gone since. But then Guns and Roses had always been the classic all American Rock band. undiluted and in ur face.

So i was there yesterday at the Bharatiya City, Bangalore an hour before schedule
i knew things have changed. Slash with his pythons and cork screw locks wouldnt be there and for an ol monk there is no GnR without the Guns
Axl W Rose was on stage with his new band and they played from their new album 'Chinese Democrazy' something that managed to escape from my playlists
and the crowd was waiting patiently along with me
one after another, good ol rock that matured with time. Axl still has his voice and can go do his signature whines whenever he feels like
The new boys have my respect.
And then it started, Welcome to the jungle, Estranged, Rocket Queen, Mr Brownstone, November Rain, Dont Cry... rock anthems , me like the rest of the pilgrims were there for 'em. But no one was ready for GnR doin a cover, When that maniac behind the drums started his thing i was like ' Oh My God that sounds like Pink Floyd' and a few seconds later the whole world was singing 'we dont want no thought control' and jus when u thought it was over, comes Paradise city and Patience

I had been a regular at the rock concerts ever since Deep Purple came to town. But very distinctly GnR was special.
Had a fear, i didnt want it to go the Aerosmith way, when Bangalore disappointed Steve Tyler and inturn Steve just turned his back on us without 'crazy' on  june 7th '07
But Axl was something else, credit for the whole band.. they made Bangalore feel so special

The only thing i missed there was my old gang and i know they would ve felt the same way too

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